Kamelia – Kamel New Product

Our Plant Pot with Unique Method of self watering system allowing the full usage of reservoir water.
It has several options of mounting and hanging to suite your taste, either hanging it on your Balcony or mounting it at your wall, Kamelia will add beauty to your house.

Why “Kamelia”
What makes our Kamelia SO different from any other products  that are of some similarity.

*Capacity ; Our Kamelia’s volume capacity is huge , ten times the capacity of other similar pots, as it can hold about 21 seedlings .

*Multipurpose ; Kamelia is not only used for Flower planting, it can also be used for Herbs planting and many sorts of plants should you chose,  it’s sturdiness and capacity  insures the possibility of  planting wide variety of flowers , plants ..etc, that suits your taste.

*Indoor Outdoor ; Our “Kamelia” is designed to be used both Indoor and Outdoor, in addition to its several set designing options, for the  Hanging Planters that are mounted on the wall , and the “Kamelia” full set is hung on the fence, Balcony or your porch,  not only this but also  it’s  Hanging Planters can be used separately either on the wall or on the floor, where ever it meets your taste and convenience.

*Color Mix options; “Kamelia” offers wide range of colors, not only this but also color mixing can be  within the same set, it’s design allows  separating the Base pot and the Hanging Planters whenever needed, this  allows   color mixing option in the manner that suites you!!

*UV protected: “Kamelia” is made of special raw material that has UV protection, this allows it to be used outdoor for long period of time without losing its color richness nor getting cracked or melted due to the heat.

* Inner Beauty; ” Kamelia” once mounted on  Fence or on  Balcony, the Hanging Planters are hung from inside the fence and balcony ,  this allows  you to  enjoy the beauty of planted Flower from inside your house while still from outside and on top of the fence there is space for planting flowers too.

*Self-watering system; The “Kamelia” has unique system of self-watering, there are water reservoir in each pocket of the five pockets of full set, and the water is saved and used by the roots of the planted flower or plant in a unique technique that is only found  in our “Kamelia” pot

*Best Deal; By buying our “Kamelia” set you are actually buying several pots , that can be used either separately or as a set, pockets can be hung on the wall or assembled with the Base pot, you can make the change anytime and anywhere you chose.



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